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Mindfulness Based Intervention

Now more than ever workplace wellness and employee mental health is a priority on the corporate agenda. Not only does research show the definitive links between employee mental and physical health, it highlights the benefits of workplace wellness initiatives that support employees to achieve their full potential and organisations to create healthy and sustainable employee relations.

Stress-reduction and Mindfulness don’t just
make us happier they’re a proven competitive
advantage for any business that wants one

At Stress Free, we are passionate about supporting individuals and organisations to flourish in fast-paced, high pressure work environments. With a wealth of experience in mindfulness and workplace wellness, we provide individuals and businesses with mindfulness interventions that reduce stress, bolster resilience, enhance positive mind set, foster strong relationships and create a healthy sense of well-being. 

Through targeted mindfulness and workplace wellness training, we empower people to transform their approach to work and life with a fresh look at how they operate personally and professionally. Our aim is to help people reconnect with themselves to create greater inner calm and face each day’s challenges with renewed vigour.
We empower people to transform their approach to work and
life with a fresh look.

Stress Free

Mindfulness Based Intervention

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