Mindfulness Based Intervention

Through the use of mindfulness in everyday life, it is proven to develop and encourage emotional intelligence previously within us but not yet known how to utilise.

The art of mindfulness allows us to develop our existing skills in a positive and effective way. For employers the benefits of implementing the Training of Mindful Leadership can be an invaluable.Investing in Mindful Leadership training for your Leaders/Senior Key Team members can impact positively on the entire workforce.

The skills that will be gained through the training process will lead to: 

  •  Better focus, clarity, emotional regulation and resilience when facing more complex tasks.

  • Improved communication skills, learning how to foster key relationships built on trust and mutual understanding and respect.

  • Openness to innovation and accepting others ideas, this open thinking environment can lead to an inspired and motivated workplace/team.

Improved decision making skills with a stronger commitment towards achieving goals sets and an increased confidence in those goals

Training Options

Each training programme is tailored to suit the needs of each individual company.

There are several options open to an organisation considering Mindfulness Leadership Training for their employees such as:

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Practical Interactive Workshops

Incorporating the needs of the company we tailor a workshop to hone in on specific areas to work on

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Keynote Leadership Talk

An in-depth talk to a management team or specific group

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Emotional Intelligence Assessment

Including personal feedback on individual participation

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Mindful Leadership Tutorials

A sequence of specific modules to be delivered through a workshop model

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1 to 1 Executive Emotional Intelligence Coaching

This is a targeted approach that also includes feedback

The training options are not limited to the above, depending on the organisations needs we can incorporate a mixture of the above options to create a new programme.

 More resilient, self-confidence, improved capability to set and reach higher standards


  • Improved focus, concentration and clarity
  • More resilient, self-confidence, improved capability to set and reach higher standards
  • Increased self-control and a more balanced approach to trouble shooting thus positively impacting teams/organisation
  • Enhanced listening & communication skills facilitating more a collaborative and harmonious working environment
  • Improved decision making skills with a stronger commitment towards achieving goals sets and an increased confidence in those goals
  • More empathy towards employees and the ability to build stronger relationships thus inspiring trust and improved employee engagement.


  • Positive energetic culture where each individual can give their best and all move towards collective goals
  • New standards for performance, wellness & vitality within/between teams
  • Inspire more creativity and flexibility in dealing with a constantly changing business environment
  • Inspire a happier, healthier workforce which in turn will lead to a productive, successful and harmonious organisation.

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Mindfulness Based Intervention

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